We are currently meeting in the Fellowship Center for worship as the Worship Center main level undergoes repairs and remodeling. If you arrive after 9:15am, please use the single door on the west side, entering into the coat hallway. For the sake of minimizing distractions, we will lock the main double doors at start time.

The decorative metal work around the perimeter of the ceiling is currently being re-installed. After that project is finished, the rest of the sanctuary flooring in the middle section will be refinished. The last step will be new carpeting to replace all the red carpet. Then, LOTS of cleaning before we move back in. Hopefully by sometime in August we will re-opening the Worship Center!

Thank you for all your patience throughout this process. As many of you know from personal experience, remodeling comes with its unexpected twists and turns, but all of these much-needed improvements to our house of worship will, God willing, allow it to continue to be a useful tool for not only gathering to worship but for raising up, equipping, and growing many future disciples of Jesus Christ.

Bryan Sanders

Sr. Minister


(812) 694-8872