IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR THE WEEKEND OF 2/28: We have had another positive COVID situation where an attendee's symptoms began within days after last Sunday's (2/21) attendance. Per our church leadership’s cancellation protocol recommended by the Knox Co. Health Dept., we will go online only for this coming Sunday the 28th with no in-person gathering. You may tune in at the usual places on our church website, YouTube (search SFCC 02-28-21), or by clicking the link on our Facebook page. Since we are meeting in the Fellowship Center and cannot livestream from there, we will pre-record this service, and it will premiere Sunday morning at 9:15am. We hope to be together again soon and will keep everyone informed on whether we will resume in person on March 7.

Upon resuming in-person worship (hopefully Mar. 7), we are currently meeting in the Fellowship Center for worship as the Worship Center main level undergoes repairs and remodeling. A few things to note:


  • If you arrive after 9:15am, please use the single door on the west side, entering into the coat hallway. For the sake of cold drafts and minimizing distractions, we will lock the main double doors at start time.

  • Please continue to wear masks and do your best to social distance. The FC main level is less spacious than the WC environment. So as usual, if you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how mild, please take a week to join us for worship online from home, and then come on back to join us as soon as safely possible.

  • For those worshiping online, we do NOT have the ability to live stream the service due to internet equipment capabilities in the FC, but we are video recording the service and have it uploaded to our YouTube channel and our site video page by 12:00pm each Sunday. So, we hope you will still tune in with us! Just plan on doing so a little later than usual.

We will do our best to keep everyone posted on the progress of the remodel and when we plan to reconvene in the WC after it is finished. Unfortunately, our contractor can only give us an estimate but cannot give an exact deadline due to many variables. When we are back in the WC, we will be able to resume live streaming the service beginning at 9:10.

Thank you in advance for all your patience throughout this process. As many of you know from personal experience, remodeling comes with its headaches and hiccups, but we are looking forward to seeing the final outcome of the much-needed improvements to our house of worship.

Bryan Sanders

Sr. Minister


(812) 694-8872

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