November 22,


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E.B. Rawles, SFCC Elder

October 25,


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E.B. Rawles, SFCC Elder

October 11 -

November 29,


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At any point, it’s never a bad idea to stop and take inventory of our lives. Right now, as American Christians, a thousand questions are swirling around in our heads, like “What should I believe? What do I do? How can I make a difference? Where do I turn? What will the future look like? And who should I be listening to?” It’s a confusing time…which means it’s the perfect time to stop and take a good look around in order to gain clarity and a better perspective. In this series, we will explore all the different directions you need to look in order to see what God is trying to tell you in and through this season of life.

September 6 -

October 4,


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In America and in many parts of the world, these are chaotic times. And difficult times are amplified even more by relational division that our opportunist enemy has sown among Christians. More than ever, it’s important that we pursue spiritual maturity to keep from losing our hope and faith, falling for deceptive lies, and turning against one another. The Apostle Peter, in his second letter to the first-century churches, writes to teach us how to grow in certain areas so that we will become more confident in the midst of chaos.

August 30,


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Pregnancy Choices holds an annual fundraising banquet each March. However, with the Coronavirus Pandemic, this was not a possibility. With the banquet being such a large portion of our yearly income, they chose to pivot to a virtual banquet and host several watch parties at area churches. Be moved and inspired to be the change, be the difference, and know the impossible is possible by us all coming together. Please enjoy the presentation by clicking the link above and consider partnering with us in our life-saving efforts.

August 9 -23,



Discussing the topic of money and giving in church ordinarily puts a lot of people on edge, probably because we have an incorrect understanding of who our wealth, goods, and possessions actually belong to. In Matthew 25, Jesus tells a parable that really lays out for us this “ownership theology” that He wants His followers to understand and incorporate into their lives. He warns us that there will be a test, not just regarding how you handled your finances, but on how you manage all that God entrusts to you. And in this series, we will learn who it belongs to, what our role is, and how to hear those congratulatory words one day: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

July 5 -

August 2,


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The afterlife is cloaked in mystery. What happens moments after we die? What is Heaven really like? What about Hell? And does what we do in this world really matter in the next? Don’t let the afterlife be an afterthought. Join us as we explore the Bible’s life-altering answers to these questions.

June 28,


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You don’t have to run from God or for God. You can run to God and simply rest in God.

June 7 - 21,


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Politics and religion are two of the subjects that are social no-no’s. It’s long been said that you’re not supposed to discuss them in polite company. As Christians, we’re obviously in the business of discussing religion. In the hostile political climate of our day, maybe the lack of discussing politics is what has led to Christians entering into the political discussion in society with less than Christ-like character. In this series, we’ll see how to blend our religion and politics in a way that unites the church and glorifies God.

May 10 - 31,


My Big Fat Mouth.jpg

Words are powerful. They can beat us down and lift us up. They wound and they heal. And the right words at the right time can be exactly what we need to hear—or what we need to say. Let’s find the right words, so that our big, fat mouths won’t make other miss Jesus in our lives.

April 19 -

May 3,


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If you have 5 conversations with 5 different people in any given day, you’re bound to hear at least 4 of those people describe a situation or circumstance in their life that is not going well. In fact, they probably feel like just giving up. The pressure is too great, the motivation to keep going is too low, the energy level required to keep trying is all but gone. But this should be something that separates us as Christians. The pages of Scripture serve as God’s megaphone, calling out to us to maintain our endurance, our perseverance, and our determination in the face of anything that comes our way. We have faith that God is doing something that we can’t see, and that reality encourages us over and over throughout our lives, “Don’t give up!”

December 8 - 29,


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In a crowded, busy holiday season, it’s common for people to feel weighed down by family relationships, financial pressure, regret, or failure. This series will help people see that the weight they feel comes from things that God never asked them to carry, and His solution is simple: Let go of the baggage and travel light.

November 24,


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E.B. Rawles, SFCC Elder

October 27 -

December 1,


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A clear vision, along with the courage to follow through, dramatically increases your chances of success in any area of life. Without a clear vision, you really have no clear target to shoot for – no purpose at which to aim. As we wind down the year and head into 2020 as a church, we’re going to take a look at the Old Testament book of Nehemiah to see what it looks like to have a perfectly clear vision for the future that (if we have the courage to follow through) will lead to spiritual success.

October 20,



Scott Williams, SFCC Elder

September 15 -

October 13,


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Our culture has an entirely different perspective on love and marriage than what God has. So, if we aren’t talking about God’s perspective on love and marriage, the only place we’re going to get advice and a model to follow is the world. It’s apparent that that strategy isn’t working out so well. So, in this 6-week series, we’re going to take a look at both what God has to say about it and some rather poor examples of marriage in Scripture – the “what not to do” models. Whether you are single, divorced, married, or widowed, there will be a lot for us to learn about love from the Author Himself.

September 8,


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Presentation by the SFCC Health Team (Jeff Heuby, Jes Fry, Karen Heuby, Bryan Sanders)

August 4 - September 1,



From terrorist attacks to cancer to poverty to tensions of wars, our world could use some good news. Tucked away in the middle of the New Testament is a letter that teaches us how to express joy when we’re constantly surrounded by sadness and bad news on every side. As we study through the book of Philippians together, we’ll see how it is possible to have an explosion of joy in what may seem to be the dark moments of life.

July 28,



V.U. Christian Campus Fellowship Update by Campus Minister Preston Ratliff

June 9 -

July 21,


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Living our day-to-day lives, we encounter all kinds of issues that aren’t just on the news. They are in our work places, our schools, even in our own living rooms. We can try and pretend they don’t exist, but that doesn’t make them go away. These issues are real, and they are important. The truth is, at the heart of all these issues is people, and that’s why they matter to God. In fact, He has a lot to say about these elephants in the room that no one wants to talk about. In this 7-week series, we would like to start a conversation about these different topics. We cannot fully cover the scope of each issue in a single sermon, but we hope that it will initiate conversations that are full of grace and truth, as we allow God to reshape our worldview and lead us to action.

May 12 -

June 2,


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If you have kids or are even thinking about having them, you won't want to miss this four-week series that explores what God's Word has to say about parenthood. Whether they're bawling, crawling, walking, talking, driving you crazy, or asking to drive your car, kids are a gift from God, and He provides some very clear guidance and insight on how to raise them to be full of faith and focused on Him.

May 5,



E.B. Rawles, SFCC Elder

April 21,



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By the power of the cross and the victory of the empty tomb, Christ’s love pursues us, changes us, and connects us to God and one another.

April 7,


Making Disciples Differently.jpg

A challenge from our Natural Church Development Coach Jeff Griffith

March 10 -

April 28,


Great Things.jpg

​In the opening chapters of Joshua (3-5), we see God preparing the next generation of His people to inherit the promises that He has in store for them. As the people of God in this day and age, we must be prepared to receive the blessings God has in store for us. When a prepared people meet up with the power of God, great things happen.

March 3,



India Mission Trip Presentation and report on the Delhi Outreach - a supported ministry of SFCC. Presented by Jeff & Karen Heuby & Chris Raber

February 10 - 24,


Get in the Game.jpg

Christ called His disciples to serve, not be served. Many times, we want it the other way around. In this 3-part series, we’re going to look at how we need to get our head, our hearts, and our hands in the game.

January 6 -

February 3,



We’ve all heard of the popular bracelet slogan “What Would Jesus Do?” that was popular several years ago. And most who have been in the church for a while could give some pretty solid answers to that question “WWJD?” that would be truthful. But have you ever thought about the question “What would Jesus undo?” In His time on earth, Jesus wasn’t interested in token gestures. He didn’t care about outward behavior. He shook up anyone whose faith was lukewarm, and He brought hope to the broken, the lost, and those tangled in sin by showing them what true worship could be. As we start this new year, we’re going to look at four of the roadblocks that Jesus would like to remove from our spiritual walks in order to make our relationship with Him more like it should be.

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