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Foreign Missions Supported

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Upcoming Group Mission Trips

Love Packages (

Our 2024 trips to Love Packages will be:

August 2

November 1


We will meet at the Fellowship Center Main Level at 5:45 to head to Butler, IL (approx. 3 hour drive). We will work until around 5:00 Eastern time and return that same evening. There is no cost to this trip besides a couple meals out. Sign up in the foyer, or when the time approaches for each trip, you may sign up here online.


Regional Mission Trip Form

CrossRoads Missions Appalachia:

Our summer mission trip to Maytown, KY will be July 28-31, 2024. If you have already signed up, please visit this link to fill out the CrossRoads form.

CrossRoads Missions Mexico:


Our fall mission trip to Piedras Negras, Mexico will be October 12-18, 2024. With the early signup deadline past, if you would like to go, please contact Bryan. The estimated trip cost is $1,300/participant if you fly, $600 (plus your own travel expenses) if you drive. There is financial assistance available for SFCC attendees.

For more info, visit

Once the group is booked with CrossRoads, please fill out these personal forms, which are now entirely online and do not need a notary. Adults need to complete D & E only. If under 18, please complete C & E, and then print Form F to complete and turn in to the group leader in paper form.

CrossRoads Mexico Info Sheet


Mexico - Adult Application (Form D & E)

Sample Support Letter (Word Document)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - July 2015

Love Packages - Nickel Tour

Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico

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