We have now resumed our worship gathering in-house on Sundays at 9:15. Face masks are still recommended for now, and again, please maintain social distancing from others who are not in your family. When you arrive, we ask that your family sit in a spaced-out manner throughout the room with at least 6' of distance from others who are not in your family. Afterwards, we will dismiss by rows, with those in the back rows dismissing first to avoid a crowd gathering in the foyer.


Bulletins and individually-packaged communion will be safely distributed as you arrive, but we ask you refrain from shaking hands, hugging, or any physical contact with those outside of your own family. No plates will be passed, but a collection box is available in the rear of the sanctuary to place your offerings in as you arrive or depart. Unfortunately, there will be no breakfast, children’s church, nursery, or greeters for a little longer. We appreciate your patience and cooperation in helping us limit physical contact. As with everything, we trust that common sense will prevail and that you will refrain from attending, should you exhibit any respiratory symptoms or a fever. This goes for any gathering.

With recently upgraded equipment and internet service, our service is now live streamed on the Videos Page or on YouTube (search "SFCC Online" & select the date) at approximately 9:10, a few minutes before we start the service. This will replace the Facebook Live video that we have previously used, and the quality is significantly improved. As always, it will be stored on YouTube for later viewing.

We understand that some have opted to social distance a little longer. If you haven't been able to rejoin us yet, we sure miss you and hope to see you again one of these days when you feel it is safe to return. If there is any way we can minister to you, or if you should need anything, don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

Bryan Sanders

Sr. Minister

(812) 694-8872

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